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the possession of Hannah grace is a horror film that was released this weekend no one’s really talking about it it came out at the end of November so it’s a movie and it’s released it’s from Sony and Screen Gems so it’s it’s real it’s actually a movie that they put in theaters and I had no idea what it was I just saw it and said oh I’m gonna go see it cuz it’s a horror movie that got released did anyone know this movie was coming out so in the opening scene a girl named Hannah grace is possessed and she is killed while possessed due to a failed exorcism and her body is brought to the morgue where a recovering addict is working the night shift for the first time and since Hannah was killed during this exorcism there’s some stuff left behind still that begins to mess with our nice nightshift morgue worker this movie you know it’s a movie where a girl crawls around and she goes it’s one of those movies so I mean it’s you know exactly what I mean just by saying that I don’t have to say anything else the film is 85 minutes long with credits and so the majority of the movie is this girl Megan played by Shay Mitchell who used to be a former cop wandering around hallways doors open weird sounds occur and maybe there’s a dead body that might be causing this that’s almost the entire film this is a very limited cast obviously the idea was let’s do an exorcism movie but with a slight twist to it and we’ll have it all be in one small spots in one contained moment of time and it’ll be cheap and it’ll probably make its budget back in the opening weekend it’ll be super easy let’s just make it we’ll call it the possession of Hannah grace despite the fact that that sounds like a billion other titles we’ve heard the Exorcism of Emily Rose the haunting of Molly Hartley even the plot is reminiscent of a film called last shift that came out in 2014 which was about a cop at a police station working the night shift and there were some creepy goings-on happening and that film was considerably better than this movie this is one of the mo uneventful horror movies I remember seeing in recent memory and that’s not to say this is a film without effort they do try early on to give a backstory to the lead character Megan they try to have a bit of a twist to the exorcism plot that we’ve seen a thousand times and the director is trying to at least craft some creepy sequences he doesn’t overly rely on musical score the sound design actually does a lot of the work here which I was impressed by you can tell that he is trying it’s just that the script is literally just a series of creepy scenes that really don’t lead to much when your entire movie is just someone walking around and seeing creepy stuff every once in a while coming out of a shadow when you’re waiting for something anything to happen besides a scene that ends with somebody saying oh I gotcha you’re waiting for something to occur that justifies the movie’s existence everything about the film just feels like a movie that was made to make a return on their investment this is an investment movie there’s nothing to it it’s not the worst film ever made it’s certainly not one of the better exorcism or possession movies in fact it’s not even about a possession so the title is misleading the possession happens before the movie even starts and it has nothing to do really with a plot the film has a couple glaring plot holes – one involving the father of Hannah Grace who early on proves that he will go to great lengths to save his daughter but later goes to even more extreme lengths and we’re supposed to somehow understand what he’s doing despite some really horrible things he does and another once we discover what Hannah grace is actually trying to do and what she’s capable of doing she has the opportunity to accomplish something that would greatly benefit her but she doesn’t she just kind of gives someone a way out of a scenario for some reason even though everyone else met a considerably more gruesome fate despite an attempt to craft some scary sequences and an attempt to craft a somewhat compelling lead character it’s all thrown away to have a girl creepily walking around contorting her body you know it’s taken about 200 of these movies for me to realize that demons apparently don’t really give a shit about travel time because that’s got to be the slowest fucking way to get anywhere if you’re gonna possess a body at least make it walk or run yeah I’m gonna give the possession of Hannah grace a d-plus there really isn’t that much more to say they try early on a little bit there’s little Easter eggs hidden throughout if you’re paying attention like a the lights above her flickering on and off creating the upside-down cross which again is something that’s been in a lot of these movies they try a little bit and then they just give up and make a movie where somebody walks around in a hallway whatever that’s my review of this film I wouldn’t really recommend it guys thank you so much as always for watching I look forward to more reviews very soon and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes

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