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spider-man into the spider versus Sony’s latest attempt at bringing the webslinger to the big screen this time in animated form and from the perspective this time of Miles Morales in his first feature film when he’s bitten by a radioactive spider he stumbles across a machine that allows the parallel universes that contain other spider-man and spider women to collide and in so doing he runs into a bunch of different spider people and they all have to team up to go against the kingpin Sony has been disappointing me consistently with their incarnations of spider-man and most recently venom ever since spider-man 3 homecoming was good but that was sort of a cross with Marvel and Sony this time however I was excited because I’ve always been a fan of spider-man in animation form the old spider-man show from the 90s is great and I love the unique look of the animation I saw featured in the trailers and so I was excited to see the movie and I’m so glad to say this is great I think this might be my favorite spider-man film since Raimi’s I liked it even more than homecoming I think it has better storytelling I think the characters are more fleshed out I think as a narrative it’s considerably more impactful and the overabundant storylines threatened to wort the narrative but they didn’t everything felt cohesive and I think the glue that held this movie together is the comedy it’s surprisingly hilarious in many different ways each character that’s introduced they have this way of telling their backstory and it’s very funny every time they do it and it creates this consistency that you expect and when something changes in that consistency it becomes humorous and so it’s not just like here’s a new character here’s their backstory here’s why you should care about them okay let’s get on to the fight scenes they find ways to use humor to really boost the impact of their stories but the film isn’t afraid to get serious either especially with Miles Morales he has a very difficult relationship with his father who’s a cop and his uncle who his father doesn’t really get along with anymore and he’d rather hang out with his uncle and he’s into graffiti and he has a hard time talking to people at school he’s being forced to go to this fancy school that doesn’t feel comfortable in and I found myself genuinely care about him by the end of the film and his arc was very well realized it’s not one of those instantly perfect heroes that we’ve seen so often lately in superhero movies where once you get your powers alright let’s just run around and punch things no it takes a long time for miles to get used to what he’s dealing with it’s hard for him to adjust to this new life he feels like a real person the animation too is spectacular so many things are happening at once as characters are talking in their minds you get the little comic book yellow boxes of the thoughts when people knock on a door or there’s a very exaggerated sound effect you see the text appear behind them just like in a comic book panel without a doubt this is the most comic book II spider-man movie ever just based off of the people who appear in it and I’m not gonna tell you any of them but there’s a lot of great things that happen in the movie some really amazing cameos and a top-tier end credits scene please stay for it because my theater was rolling it’s amazing there’s certain things I want in a spider-man movie besides the obvious like a compelling story and good characters and good Vil and good hero there’s something about the character that really needs to be there and it’s this innocence combined with world weariness I think because spider-man as a person and Peter Parker there it’s a character that’s been beaten down so much that’s dealt with so much in their lives but they’re still maintaining some optimism and Mayas Morales is very much so the same he’s a character dealing with so much but he’s able to pull himself out of it and that’s why you love him and the Peter Parker character in the film and the Miles Morales character in particular are so well realized the filmmakers clearly understand what the message behind the character of spider-man means to people and they used it to great extents to boost the film’s dramatic power as well as to humor the action sequences are enthralling this is one of the better spider-man movies without a doubt my only real issue with the movie was kingpin I thought he was very underdeveloped underutilized he was sort of a big hulking villain who every once in a while you saw a peek behind the curtain but it’s what we all know and what we all expect from from King I think they could have done a better job with the villain but at the same time there are so many callous heroes in this movie that I can understand that you just don’t want to over saturate your film with characterization to the point where you forget what the movies actually about but that’s really my only issue with spider-man into the spider-verse and I have not wanted a sequel to a spider-man movie this much since Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi made that movie in 2002 I’m gonna give spider-man into the spider-verse and a this movie was everything I wanted and more and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out thank you so much as always for watching and if you like this you can click right here and get steppen eyes

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