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Robin Hood 2018 because there’s so many movies called Robin Hood now so I have to differentiate them this one stars Taran Edgerton as Rob because that’s what they call him throughout most of the movie as the guy who steals from the rich and gives to the poor and he doesn’t like the Sheriff of Nottingham played by ben mendelsohn cuz he’s a big fat jerk and Jamie Foxx plays Little John who trains Rob and teaches him how to be really cool with the arrows and he gives him an outfit that looks like it was bought at the mall and Marian is in the film too of course because she’s the girl and she has to be the girl this movie was fucking bad I can’t believe how bad this film was I really didn’t have much anticipation for it so it’s not that surprising but there was also no press screening for the film here in Cleveland and so naturally I kind of went into this movie dreading what could possibly happen and I lost two hours of a perfectly good day watching this shit I have not been this bothered by complete incompetence in a long time because there really is there’s really no good decisions being made in this movie almost every performance you know what every performance really is not very good Ben Mendelsohn who is playing another villain is very OneNote as a Sheriff of Nottingham he he yells a lot and talks about Robin Hood you gotta find Robin Hood he’s gonna get all my money Robin Hood [Music] Jamie Foxx who I usually love is really over the top in this role and he provides a lot of unintentional comedy unfortunately as does a lot of the film there’s one scene where he’s talking to somebody he wants to kill and he takes his hand he like grabs his chest really hard and it’s like oh my god I tried really hard not to laugh in the movie because there was a whole bunch of people there and no one else was laughing no one laughed during the scenes that were supposed to be funny either Friar Tuck pops a lot of jokes in the movie and none of them land they’re totally off-key let’s talk about Taron Egerton who plays the lead role I liked him quite a bit in Kingsman and obviously he’s a talented actor as are basically everyone in this movie I mean I’ve seen every single person in this film great in other projects Taron Egerton is not ideally cast here I think this wasn’t really the role for him Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe even consider Errol Flynn considerably better Robin Hoods but this brings me to my main issue with the film who directed these actors was it Otto Bathurst or Bott Hurst the director who got these performances because everyone in this movie is bad and everyone in this movie is an excellent actor I don’t know what happened this is a train wreck I was bored within 40 minutes I wanted to leave but I watched the whole thing right down to the ending that sets up a sequel for some reason that if it ever happens I’d be shocked I can’t imagine them ever making more of these at least in this this realm they just made one eight years ago I mean since I started my channel in in 2009 there’s been to Robin Hood movies called Robin Hood what’s happening quit making these these people into superheroes this is definitely a superhero movie he runs around and he jumps in slow motion and he he goes really fast like Legolas and there’s 300 style editing you know when the legend of Hercules came out that really terrible movie and like what was a 2014 I thought to myself this is gonna be the last time we ever see a 300 gladiator ripoff four years later we have yet another one of those movies where people run and then get really slow and then jump and then get really fat and then slow again like I can’t believe that’s the choices that are being made here it’s it’s incomprehensible sometimes what’s happening there’s so much like CGI flying around arrows are like whizzing by every two seconds people have like machine gun bow and arrows like the narration to was hilarious it opens with Friar Tuck basically talking to us and he’s like this isn’t the story you’re used to seeing I was like oh shit is Friar Tuck talking to 2018 us maybe they’ll loop it around to make it make sense at the end but they don’t it’s just a narration the very least this film could do is have action scenes that we’re exciting and it can’t even do that the characters are insanely dull the plotting is just murky things are happening in the background constantly with the church and with the sheriff and you don’t care about any of it you don’t give a shit about anything that’s going on there’s a romantic love triangle of course because that’s what we really need in a movie like this let’s talk about Marian for a second she looks like she’s in an MTV music video for most of this movie constantly revealing outfits she’s supposed to be in a poverty-stricken town where everyone’s got no money and people are you know starving but she looks like she’s on the cover of Vogue for the majority of the film so that’s great I have to be honest if I was the studio I would have looked at this film and said it’s a loss scrap it put it in the recycle bin right click empty trash this version of Robin Hood is embarrassing the costumes are embarrassing the performances are embarrassing the special effects holy shit there’s a green-screen sequence with horses I loved it I loved it I thought it was so fucking funny and mind-blowing and again I must say like all of these embarrassing elements I’m positive the visual effects artist who worked on this film are incredible at their craft I’m positive that these actors are all very good actors what happened that made everything about this movie horrible it doesn’t even look good like the color choices this grey brown and it’s just gross looking everything about the movie I don’t understand what happened I I really don’t get how so much money can be thrown at a project and and literally like dominoes they all just topple in every single element of the film is a complete failure Robin Hood is a really bad movie but at the same time it’s really not that surprising because none of the trailers look good and I just really have no idea what happened here I’m gonna give Robin Hood and F Christ my god yeah don’t don’t see this one just skip it and go see Creed – that’s a better idea have fun guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes

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