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Elle boy was directed by Neil Marshall and stars David Harbor as Hellboy himself this is a reboots this is not a sequel to Hellboy 1 or 2 despite the fact that Ron Perlman and Guillermo del Toro we’re trying to make a third one for a long time a lot of people wanted to see that third film we’re getting a reboot instead and here Hellboy battles a lot of monsters and demons and an ancient sorceress hell-bent on revenge despite being a big fan of the first two Hellboy films I held no grudge against these filmmakers and actors for making a reboot why would I I was of course curious to see what they could do with it and having seen it I do wish that del Toro had just made a third one eventually with Ron Perlman in it because I can pretty much guarantee it would have been a better movie this film is not as bad as the outrage clickbait eMachine the Internet has become might have led you to think but it does unfortunately feel like a film that’s been botched in the editing room and changed considerably and if reports are to be believed it was a difficult set to work on because there were clashing creative minds and whenever that happens on a set especially when some people feel very prideful that’s a terrible scenario to be and as a creative person I have a lot of love for Neil Marshalls films The Descent is an excellent monster movie filled with amazing performances in a claustrophobic setting Dog Soldiers is a highly under scene and extremely violent werewolf movie that I’ve always really liked so when I heard that he was gonna be doing Hellboy I was honestly really pumped and the fact that it’s a rated R film – really lends to a lot of great possibilities unfortunately similar to the die hard franchise when the fourth film was pg-13 and the fifth one was rated R or the AVP franchise when the first was pg-13 and Requiem was rated our making Hellboy rated R has done it no favors it’s just got blood in it which is cool some of the violence and action sequences are really awesome actually there’s a great one with three giants and there’s a cool scene in the middle where he’s fighting this creature that sometimes turns around and walks like a lobster the action scenes can be really entertaining and fun and the violence is very very gory but at the same time it just feels that the expense of a story that isn’t really there it doesn’t feel like there’s a reason for this reboot to exist once you see the film from beginning to end the basis it covers our similar basis that the first two Hellboy films did and it doesn’t cover them as well as those films either even some of the special effects don’t look as good as those earlier films the special effects here can feel like they’re reaching a little bit just beyond the budget they have to try to create something amazing and it’s just not quite there yet still there’s some great makeup work especially David Harbor as Hellboy which let’s talk about him he’s terrific he’s my favorite part of this movie by far still loved Ron Perlman as Hellboy but David Harbor is really good very funny extremely likeable and in the scenes that require him to really lash out about his past especially the relationship with his father played by ian mcshane he’s excellent in those scenes as well but as far as performances go he’s definitely the strongest and most of the cast doesn’t come off that great there’s a lot of very wooden and hammy performances here that just don’t fit in but easily my biggest issue with the film was unfortunately the script it doesn’t really feel like there is one you can tell that it’s been changed a lot or shifted around in the editing room or on sets nothing feels like it flows characters go from place to place and they try to make it be as fast-moving as possible by having every single scene build to the next one but once you get to the new scene you almost forget where you were before because it just felt so throwaway with tons and tons of needless exposition and voiceover this movie definitely talks down to the audience it makes you feel like you’re an idiot sometimes with the way everything is explained in explicit detail constantly as if you needed to know everything and couldn’t just understand it if you saw it the song choices – for the film felt out of left field almost like they were just choosing various songs to lighten the mood and make you feel like you were having a good time even though what you’re looking at doesn’t seem to accompany the music you’re hearing they’re just trying to create a tone through good song choices and that didn’t work for me either if the reports are to be believed I wish that Neil Marshall was just given complete creative freedom on this movie and allowed to make the choices that he wanted to make because he’s a fantastic filmmaker and I can’t wait to see what else he does David Harbour as good as Hellboy but this is nowhere near as good as the previous Hellboy which I would highly recommend you guys check out who had 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