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Creed 2 was directed by Stephen cable jr. and follows Ryan Coogler extremely good Creed which blew me away despite following the formula of most rocky films that film had so much heart and it was just a massive surprise and it’s one of my favorite films in the rocky franchise so going into Creed 2 I was a bit nervous this has been a very disappointing year for film a lot of movies have let me down movies that I was looking forward to and so I was crossing my fingers going into this one and in this film Creed is challenged by Ivan Drago’s son and if you’ve ever seen rocky 4 you know there’s a lot of bad blood between the Drago’s and Creed and rocky so if you’ve never seen rocky 4 I guess spoiler warning but Ivan Drago killed Apollo in the ring and so there’s a lot of anger there from from Donnie in this film and he really wants to avenge his father’s death and so the boxing match that we’re all hoping to see has a lot more drama and a lot more weight behind it personally for these characters especially because this film actually does a really great job of fleshing out the drago family they’re not just the big strong bad guys who glare at everyone and get really angry and you want to see them get punched in the face real good they actually set up a lot of behind the scenes personal drama with them and I was very taken aback by that and that’s something about this movie that felt very fresh when compared to the other Rocky films I actually understood the bad guys I understood their position they have as much on the line as Crede does in the movie so you can almost get invested in both sides and it makes it a considerably more emotional experience than perhaps rocky 4 would have taken these characters if this exact film was made in the late 80s because this is a movie that takes the rocky 4 characters and what went on there a very cheesy very silly 80s movie with hearts on fire which I still listen to and is absolutely incredible by the way I made a crappy rocky montage one time with that song with my buddy John Flickinger here’s a clip [Music] this film takes those cheesy 80s sweat-drenched roots which admittedly is a major guilty pleasure of mine and turns it into a grounded and realistic film I really enjoyed this movie I had a blast watching it I felt something this movie made me feel something my cold jaded heart was broken into by this movie and I actually had emotions and a lot of that is due to Michael B Jordan who is one of the best actors of his generation when that guy gets going man and he’s got the tears flowing and and he’s just so energetic about what he wants to do and he’s so passionate this character I just really feel for him and I really kind of care about him and Sylvester Stallone once again in the role that is iconic for him gives a fantastic performance as Rocky Balboa because he has a nice arc in the film as well dealing with his family and the estrangement from his child and there’s a lot on his shoulders to this film absolutely follows a formula that other Rocky movies do and a lot of critics are probably going to pinpoint that as a problem this is the eighth movie in this franchise I’d like to see a filmmaker make a rocky film without a boxing match without an inspirational training montage without wisdom bomb scenes and which people talk and inspire each other and say things that are meant to get you up and get you pumped try making that movie try making a rocky movie that doesn’t follow the formula of the rest and we’ll see if critics like it even the first Creed film followed a very similar formula to all the Rocky movies it just did it with great care and really good dialog and direction and incredible fight scenes this film was directed by Steven Capel jr. who inspires me for a number of reasons one he made a damn good movie he made actually a really good sequel but he’s also from Cleveland where I’m from and he’s a good filmmaker from here and he’s out there and he’s working and he’s making good shit like that’s very inspiring to me someone who is also since I was 14 been trying to make short films and stuff like that and trying to get my name out there – in regards to filmmaking and so that’s super inspiring to me and I think he did a great job with the film the boxing matches are very white-knuckled there’s some really good POV shots nothing quite as interesting as the one take that was in Creed but I also understand that you wouldn’t want to just do another one take sequence you want to put your own stamp on this film Dolph Lundgren was actually really excellent as Ivan Drago again I must emphasize that these villain characters were given a lot of meat and they weren’t just the bad guys with muscles that punch things like they really had a lot behind them and I started to understand both sides Michael B Jordan as I’ve already said is terrific in this movie as is Stallone Tessa Thompson also really emotional performance fantastic work I think these movies are spaced out in just the right amount of time where you have enough in between them to where you are ready to see another inspirational boxing movie that has similar themes and similar scenes as the rest but they’re doing a good job of maintaining what the first film’s set up and even extending his arc even more because he was a young man under the shadow of his father who wanted to prove himself he wanted to prove that he wasn’t a mistake in this film he’s proved that but now he has this nagging thing that’s that’s under the surface what happened to his father and if there’s some way he can kind of make it right in his mind there’s this great scene between Michael B Jordan Tessa Thompson where they’re talking about how boxing is what he knows how to do it’s what he loves he doesn’t know how to do anything else that well and you can’t ask him to stop that because it’s part of him he’s passionate about that and she understands that because she’s passionate about her music and so they make a really nice couple as well there’s a lot of scenes where you feel like you can totally feel that chemistry and that’s why I feel like maybe this should be the last Creed film it probably won’t be but there’s the fact that this is a good movie and it’s not a terrible movie and it still maintains the rocky legacy as well as the Creed legacy and takes it to new heights in regards to what they can do with that character I feel like he’s had his arc and if they make another one it’s gonna get into the silly territory like they did in the 80s after rocky – you know that kind of maintained the storyline but then rocky 3 was kind of sillier than rocky 4 was really silly and so I feel like it’d be a good idea for them to just leave it at this because this was a good send-off if they do another one we’ll see what happens but I was really pleased with this movie I think it’s a really well done boxing film that is admittedly formulaic but do you want to not see inspiring shit when you go to these movies I mean I think this is a damn good movie and I am proud that the filmmakers from Cleveland I’m gonna give Creed – and a – guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon as well as an interview with Steven Capel jr. I was able to meet him and talk to him for a while we talked about filmmaking short films Sundance all kinds of stuff really a genuine guy like super real I was thrilled to be able to meet him and talk to him and that interview will be up in a few days guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more very soon and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes

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