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bumblebee was directed by Travis Knight the man who helmed the excellent Kubo and the two strings and stars Hailee Steinfeld and takes place in the 1980s and follows the Autobot bumblebee as he stumbles across this young girl’s house finds his voice and fights back against some Decepticons who have invaded earth and this young girl learns things about herself and tries to reconnect with someone for the first time since losing her father now I’ve talked about all the Transformers movies on my channel before the original animated film I like as well as Michael Bay’s first film it’s not too bad so since this film takes place in the 80s has a new director has a new main star it’s able to really condense a lot of what the Transformers movies have overblown and this film is easily the best that I’ve seen in the Transformers franchise since the first one that’s not really saying all that much though considering the quality of the ones that came after that first one but this is leaps and bounds above those and it’s a good course correction in that it understands what the Transformers fans want to see there’s a feel to that original transformers cartoon that Michael Bay’s films just didn’t understand and bumblebee with Travis Knight’s direction does this heartwarming sense to it it’s not just nostalgia there’s a sense of joy that this film has that base films just didn’t have there was a cynicism to those movies a very Hollywood glossy like overly sexualized appeal to it that was just gross there’s no pot jokes in this film with parents that are getting high at college there’s no overly sexualized shots of young women the color grading is actually correct that’s not highly saturated there’s barely any Dutch angles the action is framed in wides and you can actually tell what’s going on it’s comprehensible there’s no dogs fucking either which is a major plus and there’s no really annoying characters that grate on your nerves so much because they can’t stop screaming there’s a lot of benefits to having a new director on board for this movie because it’s just a new fresh vision and it’s something that I think was missing from a lot of the transformer worse films in the past the screenplay comes from Christina Hudson who in the past is credited as the writer for shut-in and unforgettable so I was a little concerned going in because I really did not like either of those films but this is definitely her best work apparently there was a rewrite on the film by Kelly Fremont Craig who is uncredited she wrote and directed edge of seventeen also with Steinfeld which I thought was an excellent film so perhaps that rewrite helped but she did not receive credit for that and so maybe they didn’t go with her rewrite I don’t know I’m just saying that this screenplay is better than what Christina Hudson had done before was shut in and unforgettable those were two films that were just like the most throwaway honestly terrible movies and so it’s nice to see that she’s improved a bit but there are some aspects of this screenplay that bugged me and some directions the film takes that I couldn’t help but notice was so much like other films the biggest and most obvious comparison is et it is extremely similar to ET so much so that it almost feels like the screenplay looked at Melissa Matheson’s original work with ET and beat for beat recreated it there’s the obvious thing of this entity that’s come from another planet and a young person discovers it has a friend feels good about that her father has passed away and ET Eliot’s father was gone she hides Bumblebee away from her parents and tries to keep him a secret just like Eliot and ET eventually there’s a sequence where bumblebee gets out and trashes the house just like an et and of course there’s a military subplot just like in all the Transformers movies but in this one it’s people who are after bumblebee because they feel that he’s a threats and they have to try to get him out of there and for most of et you think that these people who are after ET are evil so I couldn’t help but notice those direct comparisons they seemed very blatant there’s a few sequences also with missing information there’s a scene where the mom is taking the dog to the vet in bumblebee it she doesn’t realize it’s bumblebee so Hailee Steinfeld is trying to get there as quick as she can on her moped and she catches up to her mom very quickly and it’s like mom scoot over I’ll Drive and she’s like oh okay okay and then they drive off but I’m like what happened to the moped did you just leave it on the street and all honesty this is a really fun movie the first half I actually kind of loved I think the setup is really really good and I thought Hailee Steinfeld was also terrific in the movie this is maybe my favorite performance from her I think she did a great job I like the family dynamic that’s set up I like her past she used to be a diver but she doesn’t feel comfortable with that anymore because it was something her father encouraged and now that he’s not around it makes her feel depressed and I loved all the stuff with bumblebee too the action sequences were all really well done there’s some fight scenes that I thought were great it definitely understands the feel of what transformers is supposed to be this is actually an enjoyable movie that you can have a good time watching and not feel bad about because it’s just plain fun there are some sequences with John Cena and his military subplot that felt extremely hammy but I kind of think they’re supposed to be if you ever actually seen the transformers show it’s corny as hell it’s very cheesy but where Bay’s transformers films and their military just seemed cringe-worthy and really bad and fake and stupid here it seems like they’re actually going for the happiness on purpose as sort of like a tongue-in-cheek appeal so I would say my biggest issue with the movie is the comparisons to ET like if you’re going to have a movie about an entity from another planet and a young kid is connecting with it you could at least try to have the basic subplots and scenes be in a different order but they really do feel as if the screenplay for ET was used as a template almost to just copy and paste and then change things around which was disappointing for me some people may not even notice that some people may not even care I think most transformers fans are just gonna be happy that there’s an actual good Transformers movie out that respects the legacy and I am happy with this movie and I can recommend that you’d see it but I couldn’t not notice those comparisons I’m gonna give bumblebee a B I think this movie was destined to have that great it’s the perfect grade for this film I would recommend you see it I think transformers fans can breathe a nice sigh of relief it’s nice to see a fun enjoyable Transformers movie that isn’t a bunch of sparklers and creepy pervy shots of young girls and the Romeo and Juliet law oh my god what were they thinking Jesus Christ anyway guys thank you so much as always for watching if you liked this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes

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