mortal engines was directed by Kristian rivers produced by Peter Jackson and is about a young woman named Hester Shaw […]

Aquaman was directed by James Wan and stars Jason Momoa as Arthur curry and in this film he discovers that […]

escape room is the first new film of 2019 and as usual it’s a horror thriller of sorts last year […]

modest heroes is the second film out of studio panic who made last year’s mary and the witches flower and […]

The glass is directed by M Night Shyamalan and stars James McAvoy Bruce Willis Samuel l.jackson and Sarah Paulson and […]

always loved yokutoku Sheroes manga I think it’s brilliant really influential stuff check it out sometime if you haven’t it’s […]

happy deathday to you is once again directed by Christopher Landon and stars Jessica Roth as tree and she finds […]

the prodigy was directed by Nicholas McCarthy and stars Taylor Schilling as a mother deeply concerned about her son’s misconduct […]