Creed 2 was directed by Stephen cable jr. and follows Ryan Coogler extremely good Creed which blew me away despite […]

mariah is the latest animated film from famed director Mamoru Hosoda known for the girl who left through time summer […]

Robin Hood 2018 because there’s so many movies called Robin Hood now so I have to differentiate them this one […]

Citizen Kane came out in 1941 and has become one of the most talked-about and widely referenced films of all […]

bumblebee was directed by Travis Knight the man who helmed the excellent Kubo and the two strings and stars Hailee […]

Elle boy was directed by Neil Marshall and stars David Harbor as Hellboy himself this is a reboots this is […]

mortal engines was directed by Kristian rivers produced by Peter Jackson and is about a young woman named Hester Shaw […]